Arai Ei (荒井 英)

2013년 그룹전<꽃·여자·밤 3>, 히쯔지 가로 갤러리(일본, 니가타)

2014년,2016년,2017년,2018년 KIAF(한국)

2016년 <ART SHOW플라워전 IV>, 히쯔지 가로 갤러리(일본, 니가타)

2016년 <아라이 개인전>, 히쯔지 가로 갤러리(일본, 니가타)

2019년 <치요다 3331 아트페어>(일본,도쿄)

2019년 <아라이 개인전>,콜론비 아츠 갤러리(한국, 서울)

 만화와 애니메이션에서 추출한 사이보그 등의 캐릭터로부터 탄생된 조각을 만듭니다. 성별에 의존하지 않는 자유로운 표현을 통해 사실적인 질감이지만 변형된 모양의 인형을 만들고자 했습니다.

악세사리와 옷을 만드는 경우는 모두 만드는 경우도 있고 망가진 기존의 악세사리나 헌옷 등을 재활용해서 만들기도 합니다.

인형을 넣는 케이스는 대부분 직접 만들지만,기존의 것을 사용하거나 가구 장인에게 의뢰하기도 합니다.

인형의 모든 것을 스스로 만들고 싶기에, 케이스 등 남이 만드는 비중을 얼마만큼 낮추느냐, 그것이 저에게 중요한 과제입니다.

2013 Group Exhibition “Flowers / Women / Night 3” Kaede Gallery, Niigata, Japan 

2014 Art Fair “KIAF2014” (Exhibit from Hitsuji Gallery) Seoul, Korea 

Art Show “Sheep Gallery's Sheep Exhibition” Hitsuji Gallery, Niigata, Japan 

2016 Art Show “Flower Exhibition 4” Hitsuji Gallery, Niigata, Japan 

Art Fair “KIAF2016” (Exhibit from Hitsuji Gallery) Seoul, Korea 

Solo exhibition “Ei Arai Exhibition” Hitsuji Gallery, Niigata, Japan 

2017 Art Fair “KIAF2017” (Exhibit from Hitsuji Gallery) Seoul, Korea 

2018 Art Fair “KIAF2018” (Exhibit from Hitsuji Gallery) Seoul, Korea 

2019 Art Fair “Chiyoda 3331 ART FAIR 2019” (Exhibit from Sheep Gallery) Tokyo, Japan 

Solo exhibition “Ei Arai Exhibition” : b Arts, Seoul, Korea

Arai Ei, the artist, is hardly known in Korea, even in Japan. 

Working for a magazine company, he can’t actively reveal himself as an artist or participate in art events frequently. 

However, most people who have seen Arai’s dolls often ask, “Who created the dolls?” His works present Arai’s boldness, insight, freedom, and the idea of a beautiful woman. 

It is not uncommon to be curious about the body of a woman and the body of a man, but it is not easy to express one’s thoughts in such, a frank and serious way. 

Even an artist with freedom of expression. 

This is because it is very difficult to get away from social convention and general perspective of society.

Originally I liked dolls because of my grandmother, 

When I was 21 I saw Hans Bellmer, Shimon Yotsuya and Ryo Yoshida in the magazine, 

I wanted to make that doll my own and decided to start making dolls. 

But in the first place, I had no basic drawing techniques, 

First, I went to a drawing class for about two years, and then started making dolls. 

I'm almost self-taught about making dolls. 

Based on the doll making manual published by Ryo Yoshida, I boiled down my own techniques. 

Use Stone powder clay to make face and body parts. 

The inside is hollow. 

When painting skin, lips, makeup, etc., use modeling paste, watercolor paint, and oil paint. 

There are cases where the eyes are made using watercolor paints, or where existing doll eyes are used. 

I don't have the skills to make hair yet, so I use my existing doll wigs, sometimes cut myself. 

When you make accessories and clothes, you may make all of them, or you may reuse existing broken accessories or old clothes. 

Eyelashes may be used for existing dolls or remakes of human eyelashes. 

When making glasses, use epoxy putty and paint with lacquer paint. 

The doll case or pedestal can be used for everything, or it can be an existing one. 

Sometimes it is made by a professional furniture craftsman. 

To complete one doll, you need various materials and tools. 

Other than the face, body, and glasses, there are parts that my strength does not reach, 

I feel that the challenge is how to reduce that ratio in the future.


私が 21 歳の時にハンス・ベルメール、四谷シモン氏、吉田良氏たちの人形を雑誌で目にし、 



まず、デッサン教室に 2 年ほど通い、その後に人形作りを始めました。